What's a Bavvel free agent?
Someone who uses the Bavvel app to upload images and video on their own initiative and at the times and places of their own choosing in exchange for royalties.
What royalties can I earn as a free agent?
Currently, you keep 90% of any revenue generated by content that you upload. The more you upload, the more you're likely to earn.
What do I need to become a free agent?
An Android (version 4.4 or above) phone with a working camera. It might also be useful to have means of wearing or mounting your phone.

How old do I need to be to become a free agent?
Old enough to have your own smartphone. There is no minimum age requirement.
Exactly how will I receive my royalty payments?
Instantly through your PayPal account.
What are the guidelines and restrictions on free agent uploads?
It is important to understand that Bavvel is not particularly interested in subject-driven uploads. Rather, Bavvel seeks to create a growing archive of what occurred at a particular time and place. A geo-tagged upload of an empty shopping mall parking lot at 3:00 am is of greater interest than an untagged, previously recorded upload of a cat playing a piano. To ensure that all uploads are live and properly geo-tagged, Bavvel only accepts content uploaded using the Bavvel app. As a general rule, uploads from private spaces are welcome, but those from public spaces are preferred. Pornographic uploads violate our terms of use and will be removed. This is also true of copyrighted material and uploads of restricted live events.
Can I remove any content that I've uploaded?
Only within the first 24 hours after you've uploaded it. To remove content that has been posted for longer than 24 hours, you must pay a retraction fee, which currently is 50 USD.
Can my uploaded content be removed at the request of a person that it has recorded?
Yes, if the person recorded in your upload had a reasonable expectation of privacy or if the content was illegally obtained.
How do I get started?
Just sign up and download the app.